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Five killed after helicopter crash in South Korea

Five people were killed on Sunday after a helicopter crash in the eastern coastal county of Yangyang in South Korea.

The crash happened when the chopper, an S-58T, struck a hill around 10:50 a.m. local time, while surveying the place against forest fires.

The helicopter was crushed to pieces and engulfed, but the fire was unlikely to spread, as it has been largely put out.

The helicopter crashed near a Buddhist temple.

The five victims included the 71-year-old pilot and a 54-year-old mechanic, who were initially said to be the only two people on board.

Rescue workers later discovered three more bodies — one of a person in their 20s and two women — at the site of the crash.

Surveillance camera footage saw there were five people on board the chopper.

Identities of the victims were yet to be released.

Prime Minister Han Duck-soo urged the Korea Forest Service and the regional officials to properly handle the aftermath of the crash by assisting the families of the victims.

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