END WRONG-WAY DRIVING, All- New Mercedes’ Technology

by SpeedLux

Wrong-way driving has created a huge amount of nuisance on roads and also has caused a lot of mishaps, accidents and so on..

So, are you ready to end the wrong-way driving?

Mercedes’ Benz is ready indeed. If you remember, back in 2009, Nissan developed a wrong-way driving prevention system called the IT-Assisted Road Information System. But, this could not be practically implemented outside their laboratories.

So, resultantly someone had to figure an alternative solution to it.
Yes, Mercedes Benz is out with an alternative solution, and this will be seen in the 2014 E Class and 2014 S Class Models.

Mercedes’ wrong-way driving prevention system is dependent on its existing traffic sign assistance system, which can now detect no-entry signs and issue acoustic and visual warnings to the driver that he should not enter the wrong side of the traffic.

We have been seeing that the most common cause for wrong-way driving are mostly highway ramps, where drivers are confused or distracted. Mercedes says its system is ideal in these situations as it will be able to warn drivers that they should not violate traffic regulations and ignore no-entry signs.

So, you must all be wondering where does all this come from? How does this work?

The basic working of the system is a camera on the inside of the windscreen. It can visually identify no-entry signs and send the information obtained to the computer in the on-board electronics.

If it detects that the vehicle is about to pass the relevant prohibitory signs and is entering a highway ramp, the system warns the driver.

Three loud beeps are issued and a red no-entry symbol lights up in the display in order to make the driver aware of the danger.

The reliability of the system has been enhanced further by having the electronics compare the data from the camera with the data from the navigation system. It will also detect other signs such as speed limits and no-overtaking.

The only drawback is that poor weather, such as heavy snow, can render the system unavailable.

So, now that is correct usage of technology, right?

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