The F01 BMW 7-Series “Black Bison” Edition from Wald International

The Japanese tuning firm Wald International has given us many a Black Bison Edition labeled cars in the past. Their contributions to the automotive world include the likes of Bentley Continental Flying Spur and the W212 Mercedes E-Class. Their latest venture now goes into the F01 BMW 7-Series cars.

The kit that they have named the Black Bison Edition aero-kit includes a new front bumper with a lip spoiler and LED daytime running lights. The rear apron is more complex-looking though it adds a sporty look to the car. There is also the diffuser and an LED braking light. The parts that could have been done away with are the “muffler cutter” tailpipes, as they somehow remind us of those found on the Lexus IS-F. The car could also have done better with a matte finish. Whatever is the case the workmanship and design is something that BMW could pick up a few leads from.

To complete the package there is the lowered side skirts along with a pair of spoilers on the roof and trunk lid, plus fake wing vents that cut into the doors. The name of the package and the color however have nothing to do with each other for the package ends the car in a white exterior paint job which gives it all an imposing appearance.

Pricing and availability of the package is yet to be disclosed by Wald International

Source: carscoop

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