Jaguar will recall 6,475 XJs due to wiper malfunctioning

Jaguar is recalling its XJ Sedan after having discovered its front wipers to be having some problem. All 6,475 units of its XJ models that have been built between July 28 of 2002 till November 03 of 2010 come under the purview of the recall. The arms of the wiper assembly have not been sufficiently torque at the assembly stage. There is a chance therefore of the nuts holding the wipers to the arms getting loose in the process of wipe motion and could lead to wipers hitting against each other or even worse coming loose and getting detached from the car completely. If this occurs during rain the driver would be faced with a very precarious situation.

December 13th is the date when the recall program is slated to begin. Dealers have been instructed of the necessary checks which they have to carry out on the cars as they come in. Wiper arms with the problem detected would be repaired free of charge. Jaguar has also set up a contact point at 800-637-6837 for any further details.

Source: topspeed

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