October 29, 2020

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    Faraday Future teaser

    Faraday Future, the electrical automobile start-up backed by Chinese billionaire Jia Yueting, will reveal its very first production automobile at CES 2017, the very same customer electronics show where the company made its preliminary and fiercely anticipated public launching.

    The company isn’t telling much right now, they provided only a teaser image on its Twitter page and a tweet that sums up its way so far.

    And it’s making some huge promises too. A spokesman informed Fortune.com that the first product will be a premium electric automobile that combines severe technology, market leading range, and holistic design.

    Even without the information, the statement indicates a crucial company turning point for the mysterious electric vehicle company. Without a production vehicle, it’s been hard to determine if Faraday Future has a practical commercial future.

    One year earlier, little was understood about Faraday Future. There were rumors it was actually a shell company for Apple and its not-so-secret automobile project. Others made bold forecasts that it would take down all-electric automaker Tesla.

    However its huge debut– a day prior to 2015’s CES started in January– left much more perplexed than excited. Faraday Future executives made sweeping, visionary declarations, and they even unveiled a futuristic, single-seat electric concept.


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