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Fiat Chrysler looks forward to win approval for diesel fix by early next year

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV stated it wants to reach an agreement over a fix for cars connected to a U.S. diesel emissions scandal by next spring if not before.

In May, the United States Justice Department sued Fiat Chrysler, implicating the automaker of illegally using software that caused excess emissions in almost 104,000 diesel vehicles offered in the United States given that 2014. It likewise deals with various lawsuits from owners of those automobiles.

Company legal representative Robert Giuffra stated at a court hearing in San Francisco the company expects to gain U.S. approval of its proposed fix for the emissions problem by the end of March or early April. Testing is anticipated to last about 3 months and start later this month, he informed.

In July, the company won approval from federal and California regulators to sell 2017 diesel automobiles after it came under examination for alleged excess emissions in older diesel models.

Giuffra has stated the company wants to be able to use updated emissions software in the 2017 automobiles to resolve issues over 2014-2016 Fiat Chrysler diesel vehicles. A court mediator, Ken Feinberg, on Wednesday met with the company, government and legal representatives for owners to speak about the testing plans.

Giuffra has stated the engine and emissions controls equaled in the older vehicles to those in the 2017 models.

Regulators have stated that the older Fiat Chrysler diesel automobiles had concealed emissions controls that allowed vehicles to release excess pollution during regular driving.

The company has rejected misconduct, saying there was never ever an effort to develop software to cheat emissions rules.

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