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Sutton surprised with a free car from Wright who started a donation campaign for him

Georgian teen who walked 7 miles a day to work has been gifted with car

On Thursday evening, a woman surprised a teen with a car in Cobb County, Georgia.

“I knew if I had to walk to work every day to get a car that’s what I was going to do. If I had to walk home then that’s what I was going to do,” said Jayden Sutton.

“When I get out of school at about 3:30 I will go straight to work. I walk to work and I work six to eight hours and get off and walk straight home,” Sutton added.

Day and night Sutton walks a seven-mile journey to his job at a restaurant hoping to save money and purchase a car.

The high school student sometimes doesn’t get home until nearly midnight.

“Let me say this is your car!” Lavonda Wright said.

“We aren’t going to lift my name up, we are going to lift His name up because it’s all about Him. We are in the middle of the pandemic and so many people are focused on what’s being torn down,” Wright said referring to God.

Lavonda Wright has been working for weeks attempting to make this happen.

Wright first met Jayden as he was racing down Brownsville Road in Powder Springs to get to work.

“He was walking really fast down the road and my son stopped me and tapped me and said I think that’s Jayden,” said Wright.

Wright ended up taking Jayden to work that day but couldn’t get him off of her mind afterward.

Wright said she knew she had to do more.

Wright published on social media and people started sending donations.

Wright then created a GoFundMe and raised more than $7,000.

Wright came across the Nalley Honda dealership in Union City where the general manager agreed to reduce the price of the vehicle to fit the budget.

“I just want to say thank you. A million times. You don’t understand how much,” Sutton said.

He had a message for those with a goal or a dream.

“If you’re doing something good or trying to reach a goal keep doing it. You might get some help. That’s what happened to me,” Sutton said.

The gift came at a great time. Wright said Sutton’s mother recently lost her car and the hard times begin.

“I love her for it. I just want to thank her so much. I don’t know how to say thank you,” Sutton said as he hugged Wright.

“GOD DID IT YALL 😭🙌🏾‼️Plz know GOD PROVIDES‼️🗣Jayden no more walking 7 miles to work after school young man. GOD bless everyone that donated entrusting me & GOD with your seed I declare a 100 fold return,” Wright wrote on Facebook.

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6 thoughts on “Georgian teen who walked 7 miles a day to work has been gifted with car

  1. I’m in tears all I can say is you are truly blessed and a wonderful person to do what you did God is Good all the time

  2. Jesus Christ reached down from Heaven and touched your Soul Ms Wright .

    Love through JESUS The Son Of GOD can change lives forever!!!!

    You are the blessing!!!


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