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Jason Cabinda gifts his mother a new car

Jason Cabinda gifts his mother with a new car

Former Penn State football star Jason Cabinda certainly earned some brownie points this weekend by gifting his mother with a brand-new car.

Cabinda published content in an Instagram post titled “Surprise Momma Merry Christmas.” He said “every child” dreams of giving back to their parents for everything they do.

“There are people in life that you can truly say that you wouldn’t be where you are without them!…For me, it’s my mom,” Cabinda said. “From day one, she has been everything to me from raising me by herself to dropping me off from practice to practice between football, basketball, and lacrosse growing up.”

Cabinda said his mom’s “endless lessons” and wisdom “truly paid off.” He noted her efforts, that she is engaging in multiple jobs, and said he’s “eternally grateful.”

“Every child dreams of being able to do something like this for their parent,” Cabinda said. “I thank God every single day for you and bringing you on this journey with me.”

Cabinda represents Penn State as a fullback with the Detroit Lions. Although his team isn’t in playoff contention, he contributed the whole season by lining up key blocks for touchdowns on a number of occasions.

Over the holidays, another footballer Marcus Allen also gifted his mom with a new car, while Miles Sanders did the same in May 2019.

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