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Torrance Police

Torrance police officer fires at car as it rams other cars away at gas station

A Torrance police officer shot at a car as its driver rammed other vehicles and then fled during a stop at a gas station late Saturday night in Los Angeles County, California.

Officers were approaching the vehicle at around 11:23 p.m. after they spotted it parked at a Chevron gas station close to Artesia Boulevard and Western Avenue, police said. The car bashed its way out of the stop and got away shortly after officers went there.

At least one officer fired at the car in the parking lot as it rammed the other automobiles. Police didn’t mention how many shots were fired, or if the driver or anyone else was hit. Police also did not mention if any officers were injured.

Torrance police investigated the area for the car after the shooting, but they couldn’t spot it.

Police have not said exactly why they approached the car in the first place. In the statement, officials said the vehicle was “wanted” — but it wasn’t clear why. They did not provide a description of the vehicle.

Police added that they have “ensured uninvolved community members were safe”, in the area.

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2 thoughts on “Torrance police officer fires at car as it rams other cars away at gas station

  1. Why would the Police feel threatened enough to shoot at a car, but let the car escape? That for sure never happened during my time there. WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON THERE?

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