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What Happens When Your Tyres Sit for Too Long?

Your tyres are, quite literally, where the rubber meets the road. Taking care of them will not only ensure a safer, smoother ride for you and your passengers, but it will also help you save money on fuel. The quality and condition of your tyres affect how the vehicle steers, brakes, and handles, and to do all those things properly, the tyres must have enough tread, air pressure, and alignment. If your vehicle sits untended for a prolonged period, your tyres, wheels, and other components still need upkeep. In this guide, you’ll learn what happens when tyres sit for a long time.

They Deteriorate

Like other automotive components such as Rival Bars, tyres must eventually be replaced. However, premature deterioration can be prevented so they’ll last as long as possible. The wheels and tyres carry the vehicle’s full weight, and when a car or truck sits stationary, the tyres will soon become warped, rotten, flat, and deflated. While keeping the tyres full of air will help, it’s risky to drive on tyres that have sat for too long.

Bubbles May Develop

When a vehicle is out of use, the tyres may develop bubbles that can be visible or hidden. Tyre bubbles often form in spots where the tread has worn thin and driving on a tyre with a bubble is extremely dangerous. When a tyre is bubbled, the damage cannot be fixed because the unit no longer has structural integrity.

Flat Spots 

There are a few causes of flat spotting, but the most common reason is because a car has been left for too long in one position. When a vehicle is parked for an extended period, the part of the tyre that’s touching the floor may become rigid. You’ll notice a shimmy or a shaking sensation during the first trip after a vehicle has been parked for months. Not only do flat spots affect a tyre’s functionality, but they can also be dangerous because of their effects on steering and ride quality.

In Conclusion

When tyres are in substandard condition, they can be dangerous and they may even cause a serious accident, injuries, and damage to your 4X4 accessories and Hammer Bull Bars. Before driving a significant distance, be sure to check your tyre pressure. Cars are meant to be driven, and they shouldn’t sit unused for long periods. When a vehicle sits for weeks or months, problems have a way of popping up, and not all of these issues can be prevented or resolved. 

Start your car or truck and move it occasionally to keep vital fluids circulating and ensure that moving parts are well-lubricated. Periodically moving a vehicle will minimize mechanical issues as well as the tyre issues mentioned above. When your wheels and tyres need replacing, visit us for tips and selection advice.

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