German consumer association to present class action against Volkswagen

Volkswagen logo

Germany’s consumer protection association and auto club ADAC on Wednesday are going to present a class action against Volkswagen over the automaker’s manipulation of emissions software.

The association, called vzbv, stated on Tuesday it wants to get compensation for some two million owners of Volkswagen diesel vehicles that are not that eco-friendly as the company stated they are at the time of purchase.

The class action was made possible following the German cabinet’s approval of a draft law in May that to make it comfortable for people to engaged in a legal test case, preventing high costs that might otherwise put them off considering legal action.

Under the recent law, owners of vehicles with illegal software are permitted to claim damages only until the end of 2018.

The automaker, which in 2015 confessed the use of illegal software to cheat U.S. emissions tests, stated after the draft law was approved that it believes the claims against it in Germany are non-justifiable, and it anticipates the majority of them to be rejected.

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