Volkswagen settles lawsuit with most of the VZBV related claimants

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Volkswagen has reached settlements with 200,000 of the 260,000 claimants taking part in a class action lawsuit brought by German consumer group VZBV over the automaker’s misleading diesel emissions tests, the automaker said on Monday. A further 21,000 cases were still being evaluated for possible payouts of 1,350 – 6,250 euros ($1,464.35 – $6,779.38) per […]

Volkswagen to pay $915 million to German consumers over dieselgate

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Volkswagen reached a “comprehensive agreement” with the German consumer federation VZBV with relation to a compensation settlement over the company’s 2015 emission’s scandal, a court in the central German city of Braunschweig declared on Friday. Some 260,000 German consumers who were affected by the incident will get between €1,350 and €6,257 ($1,484 and $6,879), depending on the […]

Volkswagen offers 830 million euros to compensate German consumers

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Volkswagen stated it will compensate owners of its heavily polluting diesel automobiles in Germany in a settlement that will cost automaker 830 million euros ($900 million). In 2015 VW admitted that they were using manipulated engine management software to evade excessive pollution levels in its diesel cars, resulting in series of prosecutions and lawsuits. The […]

German consumer body to submit Volkswagen class action suit over diesel tests

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Volkswagen is going to face another class action lawsuit for its rigging of diesel emissions tests, this time in Germany as the country introduces a new law in November. State-financed consumer protection organization vzbv stated on Wednesday it would manage “pioneering work” with motorists’ lobby group ADAC by filing for damages on behalf of vehicle […]

German consumer association to present class action against Volkswagen

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Germany’s consumer protection association and auto club ADAC on Wednesday are going to present a class action against Volkswagen over the automaker’s manipulation of emissions software. The association, called vzbv, stated on Tuesday it wants to get compensation for some two million owners of Volkswagen diesel vehicles that are not that eco-friendly as the company […]