German consumer body to submit Volkswagen class action suit over diesel tests

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Volkswagen is going to face another class action lawsuit for its rigging of diesel emissions tests, this time in Germany as the country introduces a new law in November.

State-financed consumer protection organization vzbv stated on Wednesday it would manage “pioneering work” with motorists’ lobby group ADAC by filing for damages on behalf of vehicle owners.

The class action was made possible following the German cabinet’s approval of a draft law in May that will permit consumer protection organizations to settle on behalf of the costumers they represent, preventing the high legal costs that might otherwise put others off bringing legal action.

Vzbv stated it would consider showing that owners of Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Seat cars having so-called type EA 189 diesel engines had been deliberately harmed by the Volkswagen’s usage of software that was utilized to cheat emissions tests

Volkswagen has stated the possibility did not change its opinion that there was no legal basis for customers to make claims in relation to the diesel issue in Germany.

Vzbv stated it wanted to get compensation for about 2 million owners of diesel vehicles that were not as environmentally friendly as the automaker said they were during the time of purchase.

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