Hennessey Venom GT at full power

The SEMA Motor Show would surely see the Hennessey Venom GT on display. A video of the car would therefore be of use prior to the show.

The engine fitted on this car is the same as that fitted on the Corvette ZR1 that is a 6.2 liter LS9 V8. The car comes in three different configurations. There is the one that has 725 hp and 741 lb feet of torque. There is the other which comes as a twin-turbocharged version and gives 1,000 hp. The Lotus body of the car and looks give the feel of a body builder.

The car therefore can be said to be a mix of the British sports car body with a huge punch of power under its hood. The sound of the car is worth watching out from.

Source: topspeed

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