Here’s the ultimate – The 2010 BMW X6 Typhoon RS Ultimate V10

We are already aware of the Typhoon package specially prepared by G-power for the BMW X6 M. But it is no more the same package as the company has decided to bring some new changes in it. The new package is a limited unit and is an ultimate package with only just five units allotted for it. And it is called the Typhoon RS Ultimate V10.

The monstrous Typhoon RS ultimate V10 is provided with the necessary power from the 5.5 liter V10 engine that produces an earth shattering 900 HP of peak power which is available at engine speeds of about 8000 rpm while the torque figures of 870NM at about 6800 revs is equally impressive. This adds to greater speeds and a quicker off the block push so that the SUV can sprint to three figure speeds from standing still in just about 4.2 seconds while the 0 to 124 mph comes up in just 13 seconds. The top speed of the car stands at 205 mph. So the car is not only about style but also about substance in equal measure.

Not to miss the secure reasons as the car is installed with a high-tech brake system – a 410mm carbonized ceramic disc brakes and 6 piston calipers for faster response. It also has a titanium exhaust system and even four ultra light carbon seats and with a variety of two toned leather inserts on the seats. It is also equipped with a hi-tech instrument panel and interior door panel. The whole package then ends on the addition of the 23’’ G-POWER Silverstone RS forged wheels.

Source: topspeed

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