October 25, 2020

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    Time and again and on repeated occasions Audi has proved its mettle as a racing car. By winning the Silvretta EV time-distance rally they have added one more feather to this already filled up cap of theirs. The race was taken on by their R8 e-tron prototype model.

    The race was won by the R8 e-tron with a 0.5 seconds lead over the following car in the total run of 104 miles. The rules of time-distance rallies necessitate the competitors to hit precise marks instead of just a flash run. For this reason the gap of 0.5 seconds between the first and next even though miniscule is of significant degrees.

    The race also required climbing terrain of 3,280 feet and that too on a gradient steep where the height was gained in just nine miles. The R8 e-tron has therefore been able to establish its efficacy at pace with this racing display.

    Source: motorauthority

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