Honda outsold Toyota in China for 11 months this year

Honda and Toyota

Honda Motor‘s sales in China exceeded those of Toyota Motor for the first 11 months of 2016 as brand-new models tempted customers and set the Japanese competitors up for a photo finish in their rankings for full-year sales worldwide’s leading automobile market.

Chinese customers have gathered to Honda’s raft of brand-new models, consisting of a new variation of the staple Civic sedan, in addition to especially strong offerings in the flourishing sport-utility vehicle (SUVs) sector.

To fulfill increasing demand, Japan’s No. 3 car manufacturer prepares to break ground on December 8 on a factory located in central China’s Wuhan, as per a media invitation that Honda has sent.

Vehicle sales in China stay under pressure from slowing financial growth, with experts anticipating weak development next year regardless of a rebound in 2016 due to tax incentives.

SUVs, however, have been a significant exception, with the section growing 45.6 percent year-to-date, as Chinese warm to bigger vehicles.

A Beijing-based Toyota spokesperson refused to discuss its sales performance with regards to competitors.

“We do not have a blind concentration on increasing sales,” he stated. “Our primary goal in China is to accomplish consistent growth of our service, by concentrating on client satisfaction, consisting of developing a quality sales and service environment.”

Honda sold approximately 14,500 cars much more than Toyota for January to November to exceed it for the first time this year, as per sales reports launched by the 2 companies on Friday, possibly establishing the Tokyo-based company to directly surpass Toyota in full-year sales if the pattern continues.

“Beating a specific competing brand isn’t really our financial goal in China,” a Beijing-based Honda spokesperson stated. “We concentrate on Chinese customer requirements and feel the strong sales momentum we have in China now is proof that our techniques are working.”

Honda has recorded 9 successive months of double-digit sales development in China and is nearing its sales target of 1.18 million automobiles, which it modified by approximately 100,000 units in October.

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