Auto companies to build electric charge network

electric charge stations

Numerous large auto companies are collaborating to develop a high-powered, electric-vehicle-charging network throughout Europe.

BMW, Daimler, Ford and Volkswagen, state they will develop 400 electric charge sites.

The plug-in points will supply ultra-fast charging for automobiles along significant roads.

Tesla vehicles will not have the ability to utilize the charge points as they utilize different systems.

The network will be based upon combined charging system traditional technology. Motorists will be able to top up utilizing plugs charging at a speed of 350 kW, which is substantially faster than the present market leader.

A declaration from the automobile companies informed their objective was the quick accumulation of a considerable range of stations in order to make it possible for long-range travel for battery electric car drivers.

“This is a wonderful news, exactly what the market requires,” stated Ben Lane, director of Zap-Map, an app that plots where electric-car owners can charge their vehicles in the UK.

“As batteries grow, the time needed to charge them is longer so more rapid chargers on the roads is a good idea.”

Collaboration on the network is anticipated to start in 2017.

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