The Horacio one-off Pagani Zonda RAK unveiled

by Alex

After the Uno, the HH and the 750, Pagani released a special version of the Zonda. This new model is Pagani Zonda RAK. This was specifically made for a client Auto Salon Singen in Germany.

Very few cars can measure up to the immense performance capabilities of Pagani Zonda. First was the C12 and the C12S, the C12S 7.3, the Zonda F, the Zonda R Clubsport followed. A long way from the C12, back in 1999, the Zonda has evolved from a 400 horse power niche car to a 739 – horse power race car in the form of Zonda R Clubsport. Next was the Cinque and Cinque roadster followed by the PS, Uno, Tricolore, HH, 750 and finally the Zonda RAK. They have all been customized specifically to fulfill their esteemed client’s requirements. The first of these was compiled by the order the programmer and a partner in the company’s software development 37signals Henemeyera David Hanson, the second – for the term of the royal family of Qatar, and the third – for the client from the Middle East, whose name was not disclosed. Y modification HH engine develops 687 horsepower at Uno and Zonda 750 – 700 and 750 horsepower respectively. By the end of the year, the last of Zonda Cinque and Cinque roadster, before their phase-out, are expected to push Zonda’s production to 120. Pagani’s only model was the Zonda. It uses V12 DOHC engines manufactured by the Mercedes Benz’s AMG division. Zonda’s design was inspired by Jet fighters and the famous Sauber – Mercedes Silver arrow group C cars.

The new model of this Italian super car, Zonda RAK comes with the body painted in yellow and black colors. The light alloy wheels are also painted in black. The interiors have carbon fiber bucket seats with four point harness. The seats have black leather for the sides and Alcatraz for the center stitched together with yellow double thread. It is almost identical to the Cinque with regards to its specifications. It has a 7.3L V12 AMG engine, based on the Cinque with a carbon fiber body. It has a power of 516KW or 702hp and its top speed is at 350km/hr. The fuel consumption of Zonda RAK is pretty reasonable at 19.4L/100km. It can sprint from 0 to 100mph in barely over three seconds. For the environmentally concerned, this car causes a lot of carbon dioxide emissions, 463gms to be precise through its quadruple tail pipes.

This car is for sale at a German distributor called Auto Salon Singen. They are reselling the car, for a ridiculously expensive price at 1.849 million Euros or 2.545 million dollars. It has only one previous owner and has only been driven for 90 km (56 miles). The reason for the resale is rumored to be the ridiculously expensive price of the car, Zonda RAK. If you have the money and want a unique car, this is your chance.

Source: 4wheelsnews

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