How Do I Keep My Car From Being Tracked?

by SpeedLux
GPS Vehicle Tracking System

GPS Car tracker cause can be a blessing in disguise in many scenarios. The GPS trackers can make you and your families feel safe when you are traveling. This way, your friends and family know exactly where you are while traveling; they can locate use whenever needed. GPS trackers are incredibly beneficial when it comes to cases of urgency. 

However, a GPS Car tracker is used against you, and people are tracking you for illegal reasons. It is a very annoying and uncomfortable feeling to know that there is someone out there who is keeping an eye on you.

In this article, we are going to discuss how you can keep your car from being tracked!

So, keep on reading to find out more information below about car tracker and how you can disable a GPS Car tracker.

What Are Gps Bug Detectors?

GPS bug detectors are extremely helpful as they have been manufactured to detect any tracking device’s existence in your car. GPS bug detectors used the technology of detecting wireless Signals and frequencies. Locating these wireless and cellular frequencies is extremely helpful in tracking the GPS device in a vehicle.

How To Save Yourself From A GPS Tracker?

Now you must be thinking about how you will find out if a GPS tracker is being used on you. GPS trackers are tiny in size, and often they are placed in a location where no one can even think!

So if you want to find the GPS tracker hidden in your car, you should look at places where it is least likely!

You can check under the rear bumpers, under the dashboard, or in the car’s wheel.

What Does The GPS Tracker Look Like?

GPS tracker is not very large, and it is usually a small box full stop. The color of this box is mostly black or grey.

Other Symptoms:

Many other symptoms can prove that your car is being tracked. Let’s take a look at those symptoms one by one!

 1. The Battery Of Your Smartphone:

 If you have started noticing a sudden change in your smartphone’s battery, then there is a GPS tracker in your car. If your smartphone battery dies very quickly whenever you are near your vehicle, even if all the apps are closed, it means that you are being tracked!

 2. The Temperature Of Your Smartphone:

 If you have noticed that your smartphone gets extremely hot whenever you are near your car, then it means that there is a GPS tracker in your car!

 3. Distortion:

 If there is a lot of distortion when you make phone calls in your vehicle, then it is a significant sign that your car is being tracked!

How To Disable A GPS Tracker?

You can disable a GPS tracker after removing the battery of the GPS tracker. Make sure that you dispose of the device properly! This way you will be extra safe and sure that you are not being tracked by someone anymore!

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