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Record Tesla vehicle deliveries possible in third quarter, says Elon Musk

Tesla Inc has a chance to deliver a record number of vehicles in the third quarter, the U.S. electric automaker’s CEO Elon Musk said in an internal email, urging workers to work hard to achieve that goal.

“We have a shot at a record quarter for vehicle deliveries, but will have to rally hard to achieve it. This is the most number of vehicles per day that we’ve ever had to deliver,” Musk said in the email.

“It’s also extremely important that we keep factory output as high as possible over the remaining 10 days. This is vital for the California market.”

The quarter-end rallying cry has become a familiar theme in recent times at Tesla, with Musk calling on workers to quickly build and deliver automobiles at the end of the quarter to achieve specific targets.

The automaker’s U.S. production, which was suspended from the end of March to early May because of the spread of COVID-19, has recovered in the current quarter.

Former Wall Street analyst and Tesla bull Gary Black on Sunday forecast 144,000 deliveries for the July to September quarter. Tesla’s earlier quarterly sales record was set in the fourth quarter of last year when it made deliveries of 112,000 vehicles.

In the second quarter this year, the automaker delivered 90,650 vehicles, beating analysts’ estimates and shrugging off a factory shutdown that damaged its output.

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