How much does it Cost to Ship a Car

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How much to ship a car

Vehicle or car transport is the service in which cars are moved from one place to another.  You can ship the car via open carrier which is more cost-effective, if you want added protection, then enclosed transport is the best.  However, enclosed auto transport is about 40% more expensive than open transport

Car Shipping Cost

For short distances, car shipping cost is around 1.95$/mile, typically 1-499 miles are considered short distance.  From 500 to 1499 miles, which falls into a medium distance category, it will cost you around $.95/mile.  1500+ miles will be cheaper per mile and cost about $.58/mile.  

How to Get a Car Shipping Quote?

There are a few different ways to get a car transport quote. You can get a car shipping quote online via the transporters company website, by sending them an email, or via a phone call. Tell the transport company in advance if you need a quicker pickup and/or delivery. This way you get a more accurate rate.

Calculating Car Shipping Estimate

There are multiple factors that are involved in order to get an accurate car shipping rate.  These include car type and size if it is SUV or Sedan, trip distance, condition of the vehicle (Inoperable or Operable), open or enclosed transport type, pickup and delivery location, and time of the year your looking to have the car transported.

Auto Transport Rates

Car shipping and vehicle transport rates in the industry are calculated using various factors that vary from customer to customer.  The car make and model, distance and car condition are some variables that determine the price for car shippers.  When you provide these variables into an auto transportation calculator, it generates a quote for shipping a car, giving us the power to offer the most accurate price without any extra hidden charges.

Factors used to calculate Car shipping Cost

1) – Date

Shipping date plays a huge role in the cost of shipping a car.  To reduce the cost, book a car shipment as far in advance as possible.  Once you have decided on when you will be shipping your car, start searching for some auto transport companies to get a car shipping quote.  

2) – Distance

How much to ship a car? Of course, distance is the main factor in calculating a quote for car shipping.  Generally, longer distances lead to a higher total auto shipping price, but per mile, the cost will be lower.  

3) – Car Make and Model

Auto transport companies need the exact cars make and model, because the truck driver has to know how much space will be required for your vehicle.  Taller and longer cars require more room on the trailer, which might increase the car shipping cost.  

4) – Type of Transport

To reduce the car shipping cost, most people use open car transport to ship the car.  It is the cheapest way to ship the vehicle and also the most common way.  But it is always recommended by auto transporters to use enclosed car transportation services, if you want the extra protection, enclosed car transportation protects vehicles from weather and debris.   

5) – Condition of the Vehicle 

If your car is operable, then you will get a lower auto shipping price from auto transporters for the required distance.  But if your car is not in running condition, it will require a winch and other accommodations to be loaded on the trailer that will increase the car shipping cost.  

6) – Location

There are plenty of trucks and trailers available in metropolitan areas to carry out vehicle shipping orders for car shippers, which can lower car shipping prices when you are shipping from or to these types of areas.  When transporting vehicles, we strive to find an excellent deal for small towns residents.  If your location is far from a major highway, you can discuss with the trucker to meet at a designated place, which will reduce the shipping cost.

7) – Seasons

If you are transporting a car during the winter months, the cost differ compared to, if you are going to transport the same vehicle in summer.  For example, in the snowbird season, car transport services to warmer states are very popular, and the cost of transporting a car to those destinations will be higher during that period.    

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