Jay Leno Garage’s latest member: Lamborghini Reventon

If your garage has its own Lamborghini section incorporated in it, it’s a clear certificate of you having several cars at your disposal. The intro is a pointer to one of America’s pre-eminent gearheads, Jay Leno. Needless to say, he has one such garage under his belt.

The latest of the episodes of Jay Leon’s Garage reveals the magnanimous collection of Lamborghini that the jovial comedian can actually boast of. The collection has two Miuras, one 1986 Lamborghini Countach, and a Lamborghini Espada. In this particular slot, he gets closer to view the Reventon—in all its stealth black, jet inspired exclusiveness.

Reventon—the number 07 of the 20 units available, is a re-bodied version of Murcielago LP640. The number 07 that exposes itself on this episode is a gem of rare exoticism under the label of Lamborghinis. The rarity is reiterated by the fact that Jay leno actually owns thousands of cars but this one.

The affable comedian got a chance to test-drive this black beauty around the block. Expert and easy on the steering of the vehicle, the anticipation of causing bad to this re-bodied version got the better of him and Reventon left a mark on the high standards of Leno. And again, that’s exactly how you are supposed to get bowled over by the sexiness of a four wheeler wuth a 6.5 litre V12 engine that puts 650 ponies to trot, synchronous.

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