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Koenigsegg pays tribute to Prince with purple Regera

The Christian von Koenigsegg is paying a tribute to Prince, the music artist who passed away on Thursday. On the same night, Koenigsegg posted on its Facebook page a purple-wrapped CCXR, with the caption “Purple – in memory of Prince. RIP Kid. Gone away too soon.” As the public reception to the post was rapturous, Koenigsegg then rendered a Regera in the exact same tone, releasing the render on Friday with the remark “‘Lila Regera’ in Swedish. That’s (sort of) ‘Purple Reign’ in English.”

Messages from different producers have poured out in sympathy to Prince, who was aged 57, and among the most memorable messages was Chevrolet’s red Corvette post, captioned “Baby, that was much too fast.” Koenigsegg’s purple Regera is certainly over-the-top in style, seems attractive. Koenigsegg states there’s a two-year waiting list for a made-to-order, limited edition Regera, so it would take a little while for a purple car to make it to the streets.

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