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Vehicle owners are all too familiar with the costs and stress associated with unexpected vehicle repairs. Luckily, there are companies who have made it their business to provide their community with assistance in protecting their vehicles and their pocketbooks. Liberty Automotive Protection has built up a solid reputation for customized extended-service plans that are affordable and highly beneficial to a wide variety of drivers, vehicles, and budgets. Liberty Automotive Protection is one of the nation’s leading service-plan providers helping to set the industry standard one coverage plan at a time.

Why Liberty Automotive Protection?

There are a number of companies out there that provide clients with auto-coverage plans, but some are better than others. When it comes to customer service, flexibility, and affordability, Liberty Automotive Protection is an accredited business that has become an industry leader. Their coverage plans are designed to meet and exceed the needs of their clients and include roadside assistance, car rental, national coverage, transferable coverage, and a no-limit claim amount.

Select Coverage Plan

The Select coverage plan gives vehicle owners comprehensive coverage including the vehicle’s most important components. This plan is recommended for those wanting the ultimate comfort of knowing they are guarded against some of the most costly repair bills and is recommended for newer vehicles. The plan covers the engine, turbo charger, drive axles, steering, brakes, electrical, air conditioning, electronics, sliding doors, GPS, and more.

Engine Coverage Plan

The Engine coverage plan is recommended for older vehicles as it covers the more costly engine-repair bills most commonly needed in higher-mileage vehicles. While not the most extensive service plan around, it covers to repair or replace certain engine components. This plan is idea for those with budgetary constraints who still want the peace of mind of being protected against expensive engine-repair bills. The plan covers the engine’s internally-lubricated parts, the engine block, and cylinder heads.

Powertrain Coverage Plan

The Powertrain coverage plan includes the engine, drive axles, and transmission. These are some of the components that sustain the highest level of wear and tear over the years, and they are also some of the most costly to repair. This plan is ideal for newer vehicles still under the manufacturer’s warranty that will still be driven after the warranty expires. This plan includes the internally-lubricated engine parts, the drive axles, and the transmission.

Powertrain Enhanced Coverage Plan

The Powertrain Enhanced coverage plan includes everything the Powertrain plan does (engine, drive axles, and transmission), but also includes the air conditioning and electrical.

Liberty Automotive Protection is proud to serve their community by providing them with a wide range of extended-service plans known to protect vehicles and their owners against costly repair bills. Anyone who has owned a vehicle knows how costly, stressful, and inconvenient unexpected vehicle repairs can be. Placing a call to the Liberty Automotive Protection phone number means getting started on the road to peace of mind through superior auto-protection. Give them a call today for your free quote and find out for yourself why they are one of the nation’s favourite extended-service plan providers.

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