Man accused of plowing his car into Chicago cop car

A man who allegedly crashed his vehicle into a Chicago police vehicle while trying to get away from officers during enforcement of Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s curfew is now dealing with a federal gun charge.

Same has happened to a man spotted leaving a store through a broken window early Monday morning. They’re among those people whose charges for illegally possessing a firearm associate with looting and violence last weekend in Chicago.

Prosecutors said police approached Johnnie L. Lee, 32, around 10:40 p.m. Sunday after they observed him in the driver’s seat of a car at North Southport and West Belmont. Police stated they observed passengers in the vehicle drinking from a brown liquor bottle.

Lee allegedly attempted to speed through Belmont and Southport after officers started to approach, crashing into a police vehicle, a five-page criminal complaint noted. Prosecutors say Lee was taken out of the car, and police observed a handgun on the driver’s side floorboard.

Police said Lee confessed the gun was his, and that he had it for protection. He also allegedly said he’d had it for two days and nobody else was aware about it.

Lee has multiple previous drug convictions, the complaint noted.

On the other hand, police allegedly spotted Adam Walton, 40, climb through a broken store window around 12:10 a.m. Monday close West 117th and South Marshfield. He allegedly attempted to get into a black Honda CR-V in the parking lot before he fled.

But Walton came back for the car and after doing so he told officers he had a weapon in the car, according to a criminal complaint. Police said they looked inside and found it in the center cup holder. Walton allegedly said, “I know I shouldn’t have a gun … I’m on parole for a gun.”

Walton has multiple previous drug convictions, along with a 2017 conviction for illegal possession of a weapon by a felon, the complaint noted.

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