The new 2011 Lexus IS 350C F Sport Special Edition

The Lexus F-Sports Edition is nothing but the sedan model from the company that had been spruced up with some unnecessary stuff which did not add any zing to the car. There is word that Lexus is considering reverting back to the past by getting it to the 2011MY model which would have only changes to price and number of units.

The reason for Lexus lowering their price is either to get people to buy their car due to low price, else the company is of the idea that people actually wish to drive around in their pseudo-Sports car. The number of units that Lexus have drawn up plans for are 175 from the previous 100 units and the price reduction is from $57,500 to $55,120. Sales of the car that is Lexus IS 350C F sport special edition is expected to start from February 2011.

A few F Sport Performance accessories have been added to the car without touching the engine power set up. The exterior color of the car also has been changed to Starfire Pearl and Obsidian from the previous paint scheme of Tungsten Pearl and Obsidian.

Source: topspeed

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