Opel Cascada four-seater convertible

Opel has named its new four-seat convertible Cascada -it’s the Spanish word for a waterfall, intended to convey “a rhythmic, dynamic and flowing elegance,beauty, freshness and pure pleasure for open-air driving”. Well Vauxhall has released teaser images of its new mid sized four seater convertible Cascada, which would go on sale Next year 2013. The […]

2011 Bentley Continental GT Cabriolet gets a new aerodynamic package from Prior Design

Whenever the world “Elegance” comes to the minds of car enthusiasts, a flashlight featuring a Bentley is sure to magnify their imagination. Now, every car designer thinks that they could have made a better design than the one stands in front of them. But, whenever a Bentley makes an appearance, a very few are left […]

1963 Shelby Cobra up for sale

A 1963 Shelby Corba with Chassis number CSX 2080 and that too never been driven since 1981 would be of value for sure. But the value being a half million dollars is something that would have millions of goose pimples popping up on any human body. This is the value that Auctions America by RM […]