2011 Mercedes E-Class Convertible from MEC Design

It is a well established fact that some cars are any tuning firms’ pick to work upon. Such cars would get tuning packages in numbers and variety much more than that would be required by the people at large. Such a car is the Mercedes E-Class Cabrio to an extent and we have seen the packages on this car from Binz, Prior Design, BD motor and the latest from MEC Design. The package that MEC have built for this car has minor exterior modifications and is based largely on the E350 CDI model.

The package lowers the springs by 35 mm and adds a 20 inch MEC Deigned mecxtremeII wheels that are wrapped in 235/30 + 10.5×20 with 285/25 ZR 20 tires. The package also adds a four pipe rear muffler for the new rear diffuser and a new exhaust system. There is also an option for the customer to elect for some light body work.

An average package is how this one could be rated as and suffice for a conservative E-Class owner.

Source: topspeed

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