October 26, 2020

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    The Chevrolet Camaro SS is going to get its most impressive upgrade to date and the firm to do so is the American tuning firm Baldwin Motion. The tuned car would be named the “Fantastic Five” in consonance with the five different levels of power upgrades that the cars would be subjected to giving it a range of power from 525 HP to all the way up to 800 HP.

    SS-427 is the base version and in this the original power of 426 hp is boosted to 525 hp. Along with the power boost of 99 hp there is also the added features of new exhaust system, race prepared aluminum intakes, a titanium intake, and cast aluminum pistons which comes with the package. For looks the package includes custom paint, a new set of wheels and perforated seat inserts to the table. The next step of the upgrade package boosts the power to 600 hp. The package which is similar to the SS-427 has the difference of custom Redline R3 camshaft as well as an American Racing high efficiency tubular exhaust system.

    The SS-454 package pushes up the engine power to 550 hp. The package also includes forged steel crankshaft, corvette Z06 LS7 intake manifold, forged aluminum pistons and aluminum LS7 cylinder heads. The Phase III 454 package which is the next stage upgrade adds to the engine power a bit and makes it 626 hp. The additional aspects of the package are the race prepped CNC ported LS7 Aluminum heads and a high capacity air intake system.

    For an upgrade that delivers 800 hp from the engine the package is named 427-SC. For getting this added power the package includes a 2.8 liter Twin Screw supercharger system, a high capacity air intake system, forged pistons, a new exhaust system a high capacity fuel system and a custom calibrated engine management system. For external looks there are the air intakes that adorn the front fascia, a new set of wheels and new rear spoiler. The painting is a customized striping design.

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