Opel reduces working hours at German plants because of Brexit

Opel GT concept images

General Motors‘s Opel on Friday informed it was cutting duty hours at two German plants because of lower need for its Corsa and Insignia models following the Britain’s vote to leave the European Union.

For both automobiles, the UK is the most significant market.

“We can verify that there will be short-time in the plants located in Ruesselsheim and Eisenach during the course of this year,” Opel stated, including that the number of days when shorter working hours use would depend upon the sales amount of the Insignia and the Corsa in the UK.

“The Brexit situation is a concern for everybody who does finance in and with the UK at the moment and we currently revealed last month that there will be an influence on our European monetary performance if the worth of the pound remains at its present level for the rest of the year,” Opel stated.

Recently in July, General Motors stated it might be required to cut costs in Europe to offset as much as $400 million of prospective headwinds activated by Britain’s Brexit vote, which has seen the worth of the pound degrade against the euro making parts imported from Europe to the U.K. more costly.

Analysts at LMC Automotive in a report in July stated General Motors was the most likely automaker to cease production in Britain if expenses increase at its plants in England.

The Astra, and the Opel Sports Tourer, both constructed at Ellesmere Port, find their engines from factories located in continental Europe.

General Motors also got a factory in Luton, England where the Vivaro van is created. It likewise has factories in Ruesselsheim and Eisenach in Germany, Zaragoza in Spain, and Gliwice in Poland.

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