Peugeot aims to beef up profits, decides to produce upscale niche vehicles

Peugeot wants their profits up and to achieve that, the carmaker decides to produce higher end models using their volume platforms. One good example of putting this idea to work is the aggressive looking 2+ coupe, the RCZ.

The RCZ will be deriving its DNA from the midsize platform of Peugeot-Citroen utilized for the Citroen C4 and the compact hatchback 308. The RCZ is being manufactured by Austria based Magna Steyr which is part of an international company partly responsible for the engineering of the RCZ.

Magna Steyr was awarded the contract for the production of the RCZ over makers like Valmet of Finland, Heuliez of France, Pinifarina of Italy, and Germany’s Karmann. Peugeot and its sibling brand Citroen will be depending on this move of producing upscale niche cas.

Near-premium car production somehow helps carmakers jack up their revenues with the higher margin for profits with these upscale models using the mass market backbone. Citroen is warming its operations up to introduce a whole DS range while Peugeot will focus on giving the market limited edition vehicles.

The RCZ will be the first of a series of limited edition models. According to a report filed by Automotive News, PSA top executive hinted that the next vehicle after the RCZ will be a station wagon edition which may take the place of the 607 or of the 407. This model will be heating dealerships by 2011. A third car is also on the drawing boards for production on 2012 but the car manufacturer opted not to release details about it yet.

Via 4wheelsnews via autonews

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