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Porsche investigated in Germany over suspected engine manipulation

Germany’s motor vehicle authority KBA is investigating German automaker Porsche AG over the suspected manipulation of petrol engines to achieve improved emissions details.

A KBA spokesman said on Monday the investigation associated with petrol engines that Porsche, Volkswagen’s luxury sports vehicle unit, produced for the European market prior to 2017.

Porsche had confirmed a report on Sunday that it had informed the authorities following internal investigations uncovered suspected irregularities.

German prosecutors charged Porsche 535 million euros ($632 million) last year for lapses that permitted the company to cheat diesel emissions tests, but manipulation is yet to be proven for petrol engines.

A Porsche spokesman on Sunday said the issues associated with the vehicles developed several years ago, adding there were no signs that current production was affected. The automaker is working closely with authorities, he said.

Bild am Sonntag weekly had reported that the investigation was looking into the engines developed between 2008 and 2013, including those of the Panamera and 911 models, with suspected illegal modifications to hardware and software that could affect exhaust systems and engine components.

The paper also stated that aside from discussions with workers, evidence was also being dealt with the minutes of company meetings and hundreds of thousands of emails.

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