Volkswagen rejects allegations chairman was aware of emissions cheating

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Volkswagen has rejected allegations that Chairman Hans Dieter Poetsch was aware of the automaker’s emissions test cheating nearly three months prior U.S. authorities made it public in September 2015. Mentioning internal documents from investigators, German weekly Bild am Sonntag noted that Poetsch, VW’s finance head of the time, discovered about the automaker’s violations of the […]

Volkswagen’s Porsche to stop offering diesel versions

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Volkswagen’s Porsche is going to stop offering diesel versions of its vehicles, the unit stated on Sunday, refining its focus on hybrid and battery-powered vehicles instead. Volkswagen has confessed that they cheated on diesel emissions tests, sending shockwaves through the auto industries and resulting in a sector-wide crackdown on polluting diesel engines. “Porsche is not […]

Germany rejects Bild report on Volkswagen petrol cars, no indication of fraud so far

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Germany’s Transport Ministry stated on Sunday there was no recent news in a Bild am Sonntag report that Volkswagen engineers informed investigators certain petrol engines in Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche automobiles can be used to manipulate emissions tests. The ministry informed to Reuters that the newspaper report pertained to accusations that the Federal Motor Transport […]

Volkswagen 2017 group sales increased to around 10.7 million cars: report

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Volkswagen group sales most likely increased to around 10.7 million cars in 2017 and kept the German automaker ahead of Toyota as the world’s largest automaker, Bild am Sonntag reported, pointing out in-house Volkswagen estimates. Higher delivery statistics throughout the group, which includes premium brands Audi and Porsche, helped drive income above 220 billion euros […]

Volkswagen bosses told costs of emissions a month prior the disclosure

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A Volkswagen manager informed the then CEO and other supervisors that the automaker’s diesel emissions cheating could cost approximately $18.5 billion, almost a month prior investors were informed, Bild am Sonntag reported. Investors were informed about VW’s emissions test cheating utilizing illegal software on September 18 2015, when the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) […]

Volkswagen CEO offices searched in Audi investigation

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Munich prosecutors investigated the offices of Volkswagen CEO Matthias Mueller as part of an investigation concerning diesel emission test cheating at Audi, Bild am Sonntag reported. Some 100 officials investigated Audi’s headquarters located in Ingolstadt, Germany, and its Neckarsulm plant last week, along with the Wolfsburg base of Audi’s parent Volkswagen. Bild am Sonntag stated […]

Ex-VW chairman refuses to testify in German emissions investigation

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Ex-Volkswagen Chairman Ferdinand Piech, who resigned after a face-off with former CEO Martin Winterkorn, has chosen not to testify to German lawmakers examining a possible government’s role in the Volkswagen emissions scandal, inning accordance with his legal representative. Piech, likewise Volkswagen’s former CEO who led the automaker’s worldwide growth, provided statement to lawyers of U.S. […]