Ram on its way to become America’s second favorite truck

by SpeedLux
Images of Ram 1500 Yellow Rose of Texas Edition Pickup

The May monetary numbers for Fiat-Chrysler are in and they are puzzling. Jeep is seeing drop of 15 percent, and this is the ninth month in a row their sales are falling, regardless of the appeal of crossovers showing no sign of decreasing. On the other hand, Dodge increased 8.4 percent due to the Grand Caravan which is on death row and the Journey, that is the most long-in-the-tooth crossover on the marketplace. Entirely, FCA sales fell 0.9 percent.

Big news is Ram. Unsurprisingly, things are working out at Ram which increased 18 percent due to the fact that we can’t stop purchasing trucks. Exactly what is a surprise, is that model is selling many pickup that they’re on track to surpass the Chevrolet Silverado for 2nd spot behind the apparently unequaled Ford F-Series. This is the third month in a row that Ram has been more successful than Chevrolet in the sales. If this pace is maintained, it will be the first time in history that Ram hits second. Likewise their business vans had double-digit sales gains in last month.

Why is Ram, a truck that hasn’t been completely upgraded since 2009, gaining on the Silverado, which was just upgraded in 2015? Ram has been providing good incentives for their aging trucks drawing in frugal truck buyers. It’s a wise move and it’s working to take up the market share in the truck market that isn’t really fiercely devoted to their brand. It’s nearly difficult to get a truck owner to change brands, however the few who don’t care about the badge on the grille will simply choose the one with the very best cost.

Absolutely nothing is official about the next generation Ram 1500 “DT”, but a 2017 revealing and 2018 production for the 2019 model year is a possibility.

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