Range Rover considering a larger “Grand” Evoque

The Evoque from Range Rover is yet to hit streets though AutoCar UK seems to have some information hinting at a bigger version being considered. The model right now comprise of a “coupe-ish” 3-door model and a more practical 5-door variant.

Right now there is a gap between Range Rover Sport and the Evoque and if Land Rover indeed goes ahead with this plan of a bigger Evoque, the gap can be greatly reduced.

The new project of a “Grand” Evoque if it be would be based on the LR-MS platform that underpins the other two versions, stretched by around 300 mm. This allows for more space for the passengers while boot space too gets increased. It is possible that this would also spawn the Jaguar SUV which has been a long time running rumor.

Land Rover designers believe that the market demands for large SUVs with sporty and distinctive designs while not being overtly aggressive. For this reason it can be expected that the designers would retain the Evoque’s unique styling credentials.

The logical choice for the power train is the 2.0 liter petrol and 2.2 litre diesel engines, in front and four-wheel drive configurations just like that on the Evoque.

Source: carscoop

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