The Return Of The Honda Civic Type R. But, Is It Any Good?

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After more than five years, Honda finally return with their legendary, and ground-breaking model: the Civic Type R. The name alone is enough to conjure excitement in most petrol-heads. That’s because the Honda Civic Type R already has a fierce reputation. The car is a hot hatchback, and originally one of the very best ever made. Built in the wake of Volkswagen’s iconic Golf GTi, the Type R took a small, practical car, and forced a high-performance engine inside.

It became a sensation. Critics called it the only car to rival the top players. It was a phenomenal force on the rally circuit, and motoring enthusiasts snapped them up. The Civic Type R appeared on magazine covers, and was the subject of fierce debate among car lovers. And then it disappeared. For five years, it was gone. Well, it turned out, they were working on a new model, and boy does it look good. Not many have been lucky enough to get their hands on the 2015 Type R. But we did. Here’s our verdict.


First, it’s important for Honda to look around itself in 2015. After a long hiatus, a new breed have established themselves. The Ford Fiesta ST hit the roads last year to unprecedented critical acclaim. It’s already being held up as a future classic. The new Volkswagen Golf GTi and the Peugeot Sport 308 have pushed the boundaries further than ever before too. The hot hatchback arena is fit to bursting right now. Does the Type R still have a place here?


The first thing you notice about the new Honda is the design. It’s the angriest hot hatch on the market, by a country mile. The front grill is fierce, the bodywork is sleek, and the rear spoiler is just perfect. Inside the car, Honda have gone all-out sporty. Complete with racing seats, red trim, and LED dash, Honda are making a strong point here. They’re back, and they’re craving attention!


Of course, you all want to know about the car’s centerpiece, the engine. The performance of every hot hatchback revolves around speed and precision power. So, how does the Type R stand up against its rivals at Ford and VW? The Honda experts at were kind enough to tell us the official spec. Here goes. The engine itself is 2.0 litre, supercharged monster. It will produce a staggering 308 bhp and hit a top-speed of 167 mph. It’s like a tiger off the line too, with a 0-60 time of just 5.7 seconds. Phew.


Speed and power is nothing, however, unless the car knows how to handle it. Thankfully, the 2015 Type has all the answers! It’s a sheer joy to throw around the corners. On every surface, the car gripped like an electromagnet to the road. It was immediately, responsive, and thrilling. Honda have dug into the rallying legacy and pulled out the very essence of driving. It’s phenomenal.


The Honda Civic Type R is back. Purists will love it, and Ford should be quaking in their boots.

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