Revealed: The New Honda HR-V Subcompact Crossover

by SpeedLux

Honda is a car maker known for producing some impressive vehicles in their time. This week, the Japanese firm announced they are launching a second-generation HR-V subcompact SUV. You might not think that such a model isn’t as exciting as say the new NSX supercar. But, it turns out there are plenty of reasons to love this new car!

So, what is it about the new HR-V that Honda claims will make 70% of drivers that own competing vehicles to upgrade? Here is a sneak peek at what the new Honda HR-V has to offer:



It’s a world away from the first generation

Take a look at some photos of the first-generation Honda HR-V. You’ll soon notice there isn’t much to “wow” you! Compare these pictures to the second-generation shown above, and you’ll get blown away by it!

The new model for 2015/16 features modern, sculpted looks and is by far more visually appealing than the 1998 model. Honda have gone to great lengths to ensure the car attracts younger buyers and those with growing families.

Practicality is a priority

Honda claims that the new HR-V offers buyers a car that has the looks of a stylish coupe but with the practicality of a people carrier. Of course, people don’t just buy cars like this because they look nice. They also want to know their new vehicles will suit their everyday needs as well.

According to Tim from Hilton Garage, the interior of the Honda HR-V features the “Magic Seating” system. The bad news is the car doesn’t come with some kind of wizard or magician to turn the vehicle into the interior of Dr. Who’s “TARDIS.”

The good news is Honda’s innovative seating system offers many seating arrangement configurations. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re carrying passengers or cargo. Or a combination of the two! You can select a configuration that works well for your requirements.

Honda CONNECT infotainment system is best in its class

Depending on the trim level you choose, the new HR-V will come with the “CONNECT” infotainment system as standard. Highlights include:

  • An app-based user interface with pinch, swipe and tap  functionality;
  • Built-in satellite navigation powered by Garmin technology;
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI, and MirrorLink connectivity; and
  • A 180-watt six-speaker audio system.

The Honda CONNECT infotainment system offers drivers the latest in-car infotainment technology.

It’s quiet inside the cabin – even at high speeds

One thing that today’s Honda vehicles are famous for is their quiet cabins. And I’m pleased to report that’s a trend that continues with the new second-generation HR-V. According to the car maker, at 62 mph the noise level inside the vehicle is just a “whisper quiet” 65 decibels!

Road noise is an issue that plagues many cars, even ones from premium brands. Somehow Honda have managed to break that cycle with their latest generation models, especially with the HR-V.


Prices for the new Honda HR-V will start from £17,995 on the road. This price point is an attractive advantage over its competitors. If you’re looking for something new in the subcompact SUV market, the HR-V is worthy of your shortlist.

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