South Korea to ban sales of Nissan, BMW, Porsche automobiles

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The South Korean government stated Tuesday it will prohibit sales of 6 models by three foreign car manufacturers, accusing them of making reports to achieve sales approval from the local government.

The Ministry of Environment stated it spotted problems in the certification documents of 10 car models from the regional units of Nissan, BMW and Porsche.

Among them, six models– the Infinity Q50 and Qashqai from Nissan, the X5M from BMW and the Macan S Diesel, Cayenne S E-Hybrid and Cayenne Turbo from Porsche– are presently offered in the market, while the other four, all from Porsche, have actually been terminated, according to the ministry.

The ministry’s investigation was started in August following the Volkswagen scandal. The German automaker was discovered to have manipulated the noise level, fuel effectiveness and emissions outcomes of its vehicle tests to obtain them authorized for regional sale.

Nissan Motor in Korea is thought of sending reports from Mercedes Benz for its Infinity Q50 and also of Renault for its Qashqai model. The regional unit of the Japanese automaker was implicated of making emissions outcomes for the very same Qashqai model in May.

The company soon apologized accusation, following its voluntary suspension of sales of said automobiles last month.

“We truly excuse having disappointed our consumers and dealerships. Nissan considers this concern with grave importance,” Nissan Korea stated, including it will continue to totally collaborate with the investigation by the environment ministry.

When it comes to BMW, it sent the automobile test results from the X6M model for its X5M, the ministry stated.

The regional unit of the German automaker has explained a few of the X6M’s test results were included as the two models have the same engine and are under the same certification number, as per the ministry.

BMW Korea supposedly maintains that the cars need to be allowed to share their test results and preparations to reiterate such a position at an upcoming federal government hearing.

The ministry previously said it has delivered notifications for hearing schedules to the three automakers, and that administrative steps will be taken in mid-December if needed.

The local unit of Porsche is implicated of modifying emissions test outcomes of its 3 car models.

The ministry stated the company willingly reported the problems in its certification files to the ministry and the prosecution during their investigation.

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