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Images of Hyundai Prius

Spotted, Toyota Prius-Rivaling Hyundai Model

It seems that the South Korean automaker, Hyundai, is really working hard at the moment. The company seems to be prepping a model that is actually going to compete head to head with the Toyota Prius from Japan. The production version of this Prius-rivaling Hyundai model has recently been caught on camera.

Speaking of this upcoming vehicle model from Hyundai, the car was spotted as it was undergoing some tests at the northern part of the European continent. When spotted, the car was actually wearing a heavy camouflage. Nevertheless, it can be seen on the images that the car will be coming with a pair of sweptback headlamps, combined with LED daytime running lights that are arranged in a boomerang style. Other elements that are also quite notable on the car include a rather stubby rear fascia, a roof that slopes down rather gently and also an upward sweeping beltline.

So far, the South Korean automaker is trying to keep further specifications of the vehicle a secret and it may have actually been quite successful in that. Yet, rumors suggest that the car could be counting on a hybrid 1.6L petrol engine that is accompanied by a probably small lithium-ion battery as well as an electric motor. In addition to that, the latest rumors also suggest that the car will be based on the same platform as the next generation Hyundai Elantra.

Unfortunately, there are not too many details known yet in respect to the Toyota Prius rival that is coming from the land of South Korea. Yet again, reports suggest that a plug-in hybrid variant of the upcoming Hyundai vehicle model in question could probably be in the works. Last but not least, there are also some reports suggesting that the vehicle may as well have some additional body styles for its owner to choose from in the foreseeable future.

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