October 20, 2020

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    dog in car

    Dogs can survive only 5 minutes in hot car, LPD Code Enforcement says

    Lewiston Police Department Code Enforcement Officer Janie Schaefer said she wrote a few citations to those who left dogs in their car last summer. Officer Schaefer says there are misconceptions regarding how fast cars can heat up under the summer sun “Usually its folks who go into a store and when they get out, they […]


    Horse vs Car: which one wins?

    The subject of horses racing against cars has long intrigued people. Are autos faster, better, and more reliable than horses? Recently, the idea of being more ecologically friendly has also been added to the debate. The Top Speed There is no doubt that modern cars can easily beat even the fastest horses. The world record […]

    Seal in Tasmanian suburb

    Seal caught on car returns to wild in Australia

    A seal that was caught after wandering off into a suburban Australian area has actually been returned to the wild. The fur seal made worldwide headlines when it was photographed on top of a vehicle in Launceston, Tasmania, on Monday. The large male, approximated to weigh 200kg (441lb), was first observed in the middle of […]

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    Police rescue 22 adorable dogs trapped in hot car

    It was a pet day afternoon for almost two dozen puppies trapped in a hot vehicle in The Bronx. The 22 sweltering dogs were discovered panting, ill and covered in mess Monday afternoon in a parked Mercedes-Benz SUV– together with a 54-year-old woman– on Edison Avenue and Middletown Road in Pelham Bay. The vehicle reeked […]


    West Virginia: Dog crashes car into Walmart

    Buyers couldn’t think who was behind the wheel after a vehicle crashed into the Wayne Walmart on Friday. A witness informed that she was standing in front of the shop when she saw an automobile began moving from its parking area at the front of the lot in her directions. The lady states the vehicle […]


    Columbus Zoo staff rescued the dog from hot car in parking area

    Columbus Zoo and Aquarium staff members saved a canine Saturday after visitors saw it locked a vehicle in the parking area. A female, who asked not to be identified, posted a picture on Facebook of the pet dog and said she called the security team. She stated she stood there until the dog was safely […]


    A Person Rescued Dog From Hot Car by Breaking the Window

    A person in Canada took extreme actions to rescue a pet that was inside a parked BMW 3 Series in incredible hot weather. Another person, Will Costa, taped the whole incident, which started with an unnamed spectator checking on a little pet inside a black 3 Series. The moonroof and a couple of windows appear […]

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    Pero, a four-year-old working sheepdog, appeared on his old owners’ doorstep a month after they sold him to another farmer. Pictured here with owners Alan and Shan’s granddaughter Annie May.

    Pero the dog travels 240 miles back to original home

    A sheepdog had a 240-mile expedition to be reunited with his actual owners in Wales after apparently deciding that he didn’t wish to settle on a farm in Cumbria, where he had been sent out to work. Pero, a four-year-old working sheepdog, will now stay with his previous owners after showing up once again on […]


    After Dog Alerted, Border Officers Discover $1.6M in Meth Hidden in SUV Tires

    A Dallas lady is charged of attempting to smuggle over $1.6 million worth of methamphetamine hidden in the rear tires of an SUV around the Texas border crossing. U.S. Customs and Border Security authorities on Tuesday revealed the bust at the Paso Del Norte border crossing in El Paso. Matilda Perez, 46, was apprehended on […]


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