October 21, 2020

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    Lady Gaga posing with a Lamborghini in Houston

    Lady Gaga To Drive A Lamborghini Huracan To The Super Bowl

    A look at Lady Gaga’s Lamborghini American pop singer and song writer Lady Gaga draws the attention of everyone in her super bowl halftime show. Not only she attracts her fans she also attracts the attention of auto devotees over the world. She used to drive her Lamborghini Huracan to the venue. If cars are […]

    Images of rolls royce black badge

    Rolls-Royce Unveils Black Badge Series Wraith and Ghost

    Rolls-Royce is seizing the day to display their brand-new toys at Geneva Motor Show. Appropriately, here we get a take an appearance at the firm’s brand-new variety of “Black Badge” styles. To begin with, the sneaky Ghost and Wraith editions boast exactly what is being referred to as the “inmost, darkest and most extreme black […]

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    Rolls-Royce Ghost V-Specification announced with 601 HP

    Rolls-Royce has recently come up with a V-Spec version of the Ghost that comes with various upgrades, including a power boost. V-Spec is another member of the growing special edition Ghost family that features 21-inch alloy wheels taken from the Wraith, a Sapphire Black exterior paint scheme, along with V-Specification rear armrest with black embroidery, […]

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    Take A Look On 2014 Rolls-Royce Ghost

    With heavy competition in the auto market, it is much essential for automakers to launch fresh products and sustain their name. A slighter facelift of Rolls-Royce Ghost in 2014 is an evident example for this. Rolls-Royce ghost even constructs wonderful body concealment as it requires a close look to actually see that any extra material […]

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    Vorsteiner introduces a new styling program for the Rolls-Royce Ghost

    Well known tuner Vorsteiner has officially revealed their new styling program based on the Rolls-Royce Ghost. Talking about the tuning changes, the luxury sedan now comes equipped with quite a few carbon made materials that include a carbon fiber front spoiler, carbon fiber side skirts and a carbon fiber rear diffuser. The model also comes […]

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    Rolls-Royce Art Deco Collection Debuts in Jakarta

    The capital of Indonesia, Jakarta, saw the official debut of Rolls-Royce Art Deco Phantom. The car that was launched is just one among the produced 35 units in the world which celebrates the significant artistic movement known as Art Deco. The Art Deco Collection cars were first displayed in the Paris Motor Show 2013. The […]

    Rolls Royce

    Rolls-Royce Art Deco Collection appeared in Bangkok

    British carmaker Rolls Royce took their Art Deco cars, Rolls-Royce Ghost and a Rolls-Royce Phantom, to Bangkok’s International Motor Show earlier this week. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Bangkok also displayed their Rolls-Royce Phantom and Phantom Extended Wheel Base also to the show. The Art Deco Rolls-Royce Ghost is one of only 35 cars on offer. The […]

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    Rolls-Royce Ghost LWB Model makes world premiere at the Shanghai Auto Show

    That the Chinese market has turned into an important base for premium carmakers is evident from the fact that it was the Shanghai Auto Show that Rolls Royce selected for the premiere of their Ghost Extended Wheelbase version. The LWB Ghost is indeed a befitting model to be shown at a consumer market that has […]

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    Rolls-Royce opens new dealership in Abu-Dhabi, in the largest in the world

    That Rolls Royce has opened their largest showroom in Abu-Dhabi shouldn’t be much of a surprise given the love of UAE residents for the superlatives. CEO of Rolls Royce, Torsten Muller Otvos was present at the inauguration ceremony of the showroom at the city named Umm Al Nar. Five cars can be displayed in the […]

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    2010 Rolls-Royce Ghost gets enhanced even more by Platinum Motorsport

    It seems to be the age to tuning kits. Tuning kits have become so popular that they are being designed even for cars which have not been released as yet. But for a car like the mighty Rolls Royce Ghost, does it need any improvement? It is one of the most powerful cars Rolls Royce […]

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    New Rolls Royce ‘Ghost White Edition’ From Mansory

    There was the mesmerizing effect of the Mansory-prepped Rolls Royce Ghost Gold Edition that everyone had aped and gaped at during this year’s Geneva Salon. There is now one more albeit a very strictly limited edition by the same tuner of a “baby” Rolls Royce”. The tuned one has aptly been named Ghost White Edition. […]

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    All Rolls-Royce Models Booked Out Untill Septembe – Demand Shoots Through the Roof

    Irrespective of what the economists have to say about the global economic recession and its yet recovery stages, Rolls Royce have their caulk full as far as orders go until September. This in turn has led to their production sites also operating on full swing. They are at present at such a stage that they […]

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    China all set to replace U.K. as the second biggest market for Rolls-Royce cars

    Two new regions, China and India, have been indicated as the future keys markets for Rolls Royce luxury sedans, revealed company CEO  Torsten Muller-Otvos. In fact, Torsten feels that China is all set to overtake the UK in the number of Rolls Royce sold, which as of now forms the second highest market for their […]

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    Sales of Rolls Royce cars leap 146% in the First Five Months of 2010

    The first five months of 2010 reaped rich harvest for Rolls Royce through their new “entry level” Ghost limousine. Sales of the car that was launched in the market in December ’09 surged to 678 units till the month of May 2010. That makes it a 146 percent rise from their sale figures a year […]

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    The Rolls Royce Ghost – Luxury Redefined

    The latest offering from Rolls Royce has finally graced the roads, and all the hype that surrounded it is completely justified. The Rolls Royce Ghost takes off from where the Phantom left off, and is a beautiful addition to the range of luxury cars from Rolls Royce. It is a bit smaller in size as […]

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