BMW, Daimler deepens alliance on self-driving technology

BMW and Daimler logo

Daimler and BMW strengthens their alliance on Thursday to share increasing development costs for automated driving technologies, even as each automaker pursues separate tasks to develop completely self-driving cars. The huge price of designing and building computer-powered vehicles has currently prompted Honda to pool its efforts with General Motors, where as Volkswagen is in talks […]

Trump administration will reveal self-driving guidelines in next months

Uber test self driving

US President Donald Trump’s administration will reveal modified self-driving standards within the next months, the head of the United States Transportation Department stated on Monday, responding to automakers’ calls for regulations that will remove barriers and permit autonomous vehicles on the road. “The pressure is mounting for the federal government to do something” regarding autonomous […]

From 1956 concept: A future vision of driverless cars shows how far Tesla reached

1956 General Motors Firebird II

A lot has been considered about the race for the self-driving car, as Tesla, Uber and other auto giants fight to be the first to perfect autonomous driving. Ford is promising a “fully self-driving” commercial cars under five years– even beer trucks are making deliveries without a human behind the wheel, utilizing innovation not too […]