Toyota exhibits NASCAR, Funny Car at Detroit Auto Show

Racing car automakers too have their own new versions to showcase at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show. Toyota‘s Camry NASCAR Sprint Cup cars with well built chassis-engine setup and Funny Car are on display at the event.

The Sprint Cup showcase with drivetrain parts cut away, allowing interested potential customers to have a view of mechanical insides, of course proud display of TRD (Toyota Racing Development) 850-horsepower V8 engine.

Known more for its performance street cars, this car is inspired by Kyle Busch, the infamous NASCAR Cup driver and exhibits special Camry of Detroit Speed Inc. It has large rims and tires, lower stance, custom interior and unique body paneling. It is also called as “Rowdy Edition”.

The second, Funny Car, is not Toyota powered but is Toyota bodied of course. It is a drag racing machine and to compete with nitromethane-fueled engine of 8,000-horsepower.




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