Ford exhibits F-150 heavy-duty pickup at Detroit Auto Show

Ford finally unveiled today its 2015 F-150 pickup truck at 2013 Detroit Auto Show despite few denials for over a month. Stealing attention from rival General Motors, the car giant has named the next-generation truck as Atlas concept.

The pickup is scheduled to hit showrooms in 2014.

The F-series trucks of Ford are one of the best selling and are made for heavy-duty performances. The new Atlas has bolder look and is much lighter than its predecessor. It is equipped with tourbocharged engine called EcoBoost to make it more more miles per gallon. Active grill shutters features on the front and also on the wheels to make its aerodynamics much improved.

It is learned with the unveiling of the new Atlas, the current generation of the truck may suffer a dip in the sale as more loyal customers henceforth will wait for its launching next year. Well, it is also said by exhibiting the new model Ford is trying to stop potential customers to buy a similar pickup from its rivals.

Remember, the F series had been the best selling trucks in the U.S. for over three decades. Ford expects the same with Atlas as it is much advanced in technology and more efficient than before.




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