Truck Tool Boxes Comes in a Variety of Sizes and Material – Choose the Best that Suits You

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Right Truck Tool boxes

Every trucker out there knows what they need to get the job done, specifically what safety tools you need to get there, but how are you going to store those tools? You can’t just stick it in some random garbage bag, you need a tool box to properly store and carry them. Truck tool boxes come in various shapes and sizes, and use heavy duty materials like steel. In this article, we’re going to guide you in choosing the right tool box for your truck.

Are Truck Tool Boxes a Worthy Investment?

A truck tool box is your own personal storage device. You are not required to store only tools in them; you can use this as a personal protected safe. Truck tool boxes are durable, heavy, and built entirely to fit in the bed of your truck. Its durability makes it resistant to the world’s harshest elements like snow, debris, hail, rain, and mud, and keeps everything inside dry and clean.

Truck Toolbox

Storing your equipment inside a tool box gives you a sense of security and is a better alternative than leaving it out in the open on the bed of your truck. Any prospecting thief can easily climb in the back of your truck and just take what you have in there, but there’s no way they can easily crack and lift a whole tool box out of your truck bed. They are very costly, but the added benefits make them a must have, such as being:

  • Waterproof: The way these tool boxes are built allows you to store anything you want in them. Each one has an airtight seal keeping any amount of moisture out of the box. Whether it’s a light drizzle or a heavy downpour, your equipment will stay completely dry.
  • Durability: Each tool box is made with extremely durable materials such as steel, and aluminum and can withstand the harshest conditions ranging from snow and ice, to mud and hail. You are also able to store objects on top of it without any damage to the box or equipment inside.
  • Space Saving: No matter the size it comes in, it will also save you a great amount of space in the back of your truck. With your gear organized into one tool box, you have the room you need to store extra cargo you never thought was possible.
  • Protection and Security: With the durability and protection of climate elements, truck tool boxes keep tools and equipment safe inside. Leaving your equipment out in the open draws thieves to your truck and they may attempt to steal what’s there. But with the tool box, your equipment is secure and gives you a piece of mind when you’re away from your truck.
  • Better Productivity: Organization is key to an easy work environment and day. Having and knowing where all of your equipment makes it easy to find them all when you need them. No need to consistently sift through your gear and leave them somewhere else when you have it all in one safe place.

Consider the Truck Tool Box Material as per Your Needs

One of the most important things to consider when looking to purchase a truck tool box is the material it comes in. There are three different types of material they come in:

Bed Toolbox Material and Specification
  • Aluminum: Aluminum is one of the lightest metals out there and one of the most common metals out there making it less expensive than its counterparts. It has a higher strength-to-weight-ratio and will not rust. Usually, aluminum boxes feature a diamond plate pattern which gives it some extra traction and makes it anti-slip.
  • Steel: Steel’s greatest advantage over aluminum is its durability. Steel is so extremely strong that it can withstand heavy impacts that would easily dent or bend aluminum boxes. Most steel boxes are coated that protect it from rust, but that protective coating can be scratched off over time, exposing it to rust.
  • Stainless Steel: Stainless steel offers the benefits of steel’s durability to harsh impacts without bending or leaving dents and the benefit of aluminums ability to resist rust. These combined benefits make stainless the more expensive of the options, but make the investment worth it in the long run.

What Type of Tool Box Fits Your Needs

We’ve gone over the material, but what about its type? Each type depends on the truck you have and the equipment you store in them. Whether you own a pickup truck or a flatbed, the type of tool box greatly affects your productivity.

Truck Toolbox Benefits
  • Crossover Tool Box: Sometimes referred to as a saddle box or cross-bed is one of the most common boxes out there. These boxes sit in the front of the truck bed closest to the cab and mount on your truck’s bed rails to create additional space under the box for stowing. These boxes may come single-lidded with one large storage compartment, or be double-lidded with the ability to lock separate compartments.
  • Side Mount Tool Box: Side Mounts have more capacity over a crossover. You can use a side mount with a crossover or replace it. Side mounts are fitted to the side of the truck allowing you to install as many as you want within the limits of size and design. Side mounts can either open on the inside or outside depending on the height and configuration.
  • Top Mount Tool Box: If you want the most space in your truck bed as possible, then a top mount box is your best option. This specific box is installed on the bed rail and opens to the outside of the vehicle leaving you to store as much as you need in the truck bed without the worry of the tool box.
  • Storage Drawers: Storage drawers are ideal for trucker who has a lot of gear and usually carries them wherever they go. Storage drawers extend from one end of the truck bed to the very end. They separate the truck bed from top to bottom with a large shelf that allows you to store some items on top at the expense of height.
  • Barn Door Style: These types are ideal for large flatbed trucks and cabs and install directly behind the cab opening towards you instead of up like previous types. These types come in different sizes depending on the truck or cab, so it’s important to know what you’re going to store in there beforehand.

Choose the Right Size of Truck Tool Box

The size of the tool box you get will depend on the needs you are using it for, whether your truck can support the weight and material it uses, and whether or not it fits on your truck. Take into account what you’re going to put in the tool box so you don’t end up buying one with too little or too much space than you expected.

No matter the truck you have, no matter the gear or equipment you need to store, there is a truck tool box out there for you. Knowing the materials and costs, the types of boxes, and uses for every type of truck makes the search for the right tool box easy. Next time you’re out shopping for a truck tool box, don’t get overwhelmed with the amount of boxes out there, take your time and take stock of your needs. The right tool box is out there for you.

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