A True Hero: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Movie Car is Being Auctioned!

by SpeedLux

Do you remember that quirky little movie called “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”? If you do, then you’re already well aware of the “Hero Car” that makes its appearance in the film. It’s called “Nautilus”, and resembles something of a high-class boat (one you would see back in the good old days, of course). It’s actually meant to mimic the incredibly large boat seen in the film as well, which has the same color scheme (and vibe) to it. There were only two of these ever made for the film, Carol Spier (whom is the production designer and art director for the picture) was the one to mastermind the project.

This particular model is supposedly based of off ther Land Rover “fire tender”, it sports a steel frame for sturdiness and that comes alongside a Rover V8 engine. The shell is completely made up of bespoke fibreglass, while the interior makes use of faux leather (some people aren’t fans of faux leather, but you’ve got to take what you can get! The dials are Land Rover originals, and it’s nice to seem something so classic making a cameo appearance. They had to adjust the height in order to make the look seem authentic, which required hydraulic suspension. People are already saying that the car should sell for around 18,000 to 25,000 GPB (British Pound), which actually isn’t all that pricey.

If you’re a fan of the film this is definitely worth a look, and it can be an invigorating experience when you bid on something like this (even if you don’t win). There are only two of these cars, and the value is only going to increase as the years progress; so there’s nothing wrong with showing a little interest here.

A True Hero: League of Extraordinary  car auction

A True Hero: League of Extraordinary  car auction



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