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Two New Jersey brothers jailed for shipping stolen luxurious cars

The luxury vehicles involving a Porsche Panamera stolen from Colts Neck, and two Mercedes-Benz S550s was stolen weeks ago from New York. They had been packed firmly into a shipping container at a parking area located in Englewood.

The Porsche was sent out in first, suspended inside the container so that the other two cars might fit underneath. 2 of the cars carried altered identification numbers and fake Georgia titles. The 3rd was listed on shipping documents as “personal effects”. A few days later on, the container was hoisted aboard a ship, bound for Hong Kong.

On Tuesday, two New Jersey brothers were convicted of setting up the delivery, they were sentenced to long prison terms for their functions in a widespread plan to send out taken high-end automobiles to customers overseas.

Andrew Clarke, 43 of Irvington, has been sentenced by U.S. District Judge Robert B. Kugler in Camden federal court to 25 years in prison. His bro Llewellyn, 42 of North Plainfield, got a 16-year sentence.

Both were founded guilty in 2015 on four counts charging each with one count of conspiracy to transfer stolen motor cars and transport of motor vehicles they stole.

As per federal district attorneys, the brothers purchased high-end taken automobiles from burglars operating in northern New Jersey and New York, recruiting others to “re-tag” the automobiles with fake car identification numbers in an effort to mask. Forged title files from Georgia and Arizona were also made to permit the automobiles to be shipped.

Authorities stated when Llewellyn Clark’s house was browsed, they found added fraudulent titles purportedly provided by the state of Georgia, one of which was blank and ready to be filled out.

Stolen vehicles valued at nearly $1 million were delivered from New Jersey to Hong Kong, while other cars were sent out to Georgia, Maryland and elsewhere, where they were then re-sold, some to unwary purchasers, stated U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman.

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