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Higher tag price for the Toyota FT-86 because of skyrocketing development cost

It is still not in the showroom but consumers should expect the tag price of the Toyota F-86 to go up because of increasing development expenses, an insider hinted. The concept car was introduced back in 2009 during the motor show of Toyota.

The car manufacturer brands the FT-86 coupe as the cool sports car that is affordable. The initial tag price of the base car was pegged at $20,000 which is really appealing for those who are cash-strapped. Sources of the report say that the problem rooted with the Subaru boxer powerplant that was intended for the FT-86. This engine was not able to deliver the efficiency and emission figures as expected so the Research and Development team of Toyota had to focus on providing optimal fuel consumption and configuring it to be cleanest as possible.

The announcement of price adjustments now brings the price of the coupe to $23,000 for the base model and $26,000 for the top of its line. The target market of the FT086 was also adjusted by Toyota from consumers who are in their 30s to those who are in their 40s.

If this report is confirmed, then it could be a minus factor for the FT-86. A few thousand dollars though may not be an issue if Toyota will deliver on the looks and performance department for the FT-86.

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