Video: Jaguar F-Type stars in Desire

British car maker Jaguar has finally and officially released the short video “Desire” featuring the Jaguar F-Type at Sundance London.

The video is around 14 minutes long and actors like Golden Globe winner Damian Lewis as well as Shannyn Sossamon, Jordi Mollà star in the video. In the video, a delivery man gets involved in a dispute between a gun runner and his fleeing wife.

The video shows grand ambitions of being a real adventure that tells the story of “betrayal, retribution, passion and greed” but the fact is that the promotional video does not really impress much and fails to really create a big impact of the viewer.

The company’s Global Marketing Communications Director said that Jaguar is synonymous with some iconic moments in cinematic history, and that they were pretty excited about reigniting this powerful combination through a British-led, world class artistic project. Together with Ridley Scott Associates, they believe that have a visionary and an outstanding quality filmic creation, and that it is a great platform for their most important product launch in last 50 years – the F-TYPE Jaguar.

The company has tried it’s best to make it look outstanding but somewhere the video does not live upto the hype and expectation of the Jaguar standards set by them.

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